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When should the RCMP Processing Fee be paid?

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

A certified criminal record check – also known as a fingerprint-based criminal record check – may require local and/or federal processing fees.

Local service fees

Local fees are decided by the police department or accredited fingerprinting organization that takes your fingerprints. Contact us directly if you want to learn more about our service fee.

Federal processing fees

The federal processing charge for each criminal record check is CDN$ 25; however, the federal fee is waived in some situations (see the table below). The government fee is collected at the time your fingerprints are taken by a police officer or an accredited fingerprint firm. The federal cost is in addition to any fees levied by your local police department or an accredited company like us.

There is a federal processing fee if:

  • You are adopting a child in Canada or overseas

  • You are travelling and need a visa, a U.S. Entry Waiver, or a border crossing document

  • You are applying for a job with a private business or a municipal/provincial/territorial government

  • You are applying for a record suspension (formerly pardon)

  • You are applying for student placement

  • You are applying for a name change

  • You are living in a house where everyone requires a vulnerable sector check (e.g. home daycare centre)

  • You are sponsoring a family member to come to Canada

There is NO federal processing fee if:

  • You are applying for Canadian citizenship

  • You are applying to immigrate to Canada

  • You are applying for a job in the federal government (as requested by the departmental security officer)

  • You are applying to join a Canadian police force (as requested by the police force)

  • You are making a request under the Privacy Act

  • You are applying to do volunteer work in Canada

For volunteer work in Canada, the federal processing fee of CAD$25 can be waived. You must provide the agency conducting the check with a letter from the volunteer organization with the following information:

  1. The name and address of the organization that requested the check

  2. Your name

  3. The reason for the check (e.g. coach)

  4. A statement that you will not be paid for your work nor compensated for any expenses

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