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What is Express Entry (EE)? What can we expect from the new update?

Express Entry or (EE) is one of the most popular immigration pathways for all the overseas skilled professionals and families that are looking to immigrate and settle down permanently in Canada. The reason why EE is very popular and most of the foreign skilled workers look for EE first is because it is a point based system which allows people with high levels of education, skills that the country is in shortage and highly demanded are given higher points and higher opportunity to be drawn or picked by the country. Which by all means, you can successfully get picked and immigrate faster and sooner than you thought. And also, there’s space for you to work hard and get as many points as you can and so, to raise up the chance of picking you, for example, your language level.

Though EE is the fastest track for overseas skilled professionals and you might immigrate to Canada within just a few months through the selection system, it also tells us that it is a very competitive system, ranking all eligible candidates against one another based on their age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and other factors for Canadian permanent resident status.

So how exactly does EE work? Potential EE applicants will need to be eligible under at least one of the following federal economic immigration programs, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW); Canadian Experience Class (CEC); or Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST) and so, in order to enter the Express Entry pool.

Once you have created your EE personal profile, you will start to calculate your eligible points based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) out of a total 1200 points. And if you get picked, the applicant would receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) which means you're officially invited for applying PR.

As of May 31st this year, IRCC announced a new set of selection criteria emphasizing specific professional and demographic attributes of candidates over just their CRS score. This brings six new categories for Express Entry candidates:

• Healthcare;

• STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics);

• Trades;

• Transport;

• Agriculture and agri-food; and

• French-language proficiency.

The Minister of IRCC said that by issuing invitations based on specific categories, more overseas skilled professionals in these industries will be brought into communities across Canada. These job categories were determined following the public consultation and a review of labour market needs.

At present, applicants of the skilled immigration program (EE) enter the fast track pool, and will obtain a CRS score and ranking based on age, education level, language ability, work experience, etc. The Immigration Department will conduct a regular draw from the highest score of the pool. Now, after the reform of the Department of Immigration, the draw will be drawn according to the category and the priority category score will be drawn from high to low.

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