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Personnel security screening with Public Services and Procurement Canada for DCN

What is the Contract Security Program (CSP)?

Contract Security Program (CSP) is a program operated by Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). Private sector companies must be registered in the CSP in order to participate in sensitive government contracts in Canada and abroad.

Employees commencing work on a contract, subcontract or lease that requires access to federal protected or classified information, assets and work sites must undergo a personnel security screening before the work begins.

In 2017, PSPC updated its security requirements for contractors, which now include electronic fingerprinting as a mandatory component of the criminal record check process. If an individual refuses to provide their fingerprints, PSPC will not be able to complete a personnel security screening request.


Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Contract Security Program

Why is personnel security screening needed?

Personnel security screenings ensure that only trustworthy individuals may gain access to sensitive government information and personal information of Canadian citizens. The personnel security screening assesses an individual's reliability and loyalty to Canada.

Information on the new criminal record check process and DCN

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the lead agency for law enforcement inquiries, has replaced the criminal record name check process with the process that requires electronic fingerprinting. When the fingerprints have been captured and sent to RCMP, a unique Document Control Number (DCN) will be generated. The DCN serves as a confirmation and can also be used to track the fingerprints status. Once the criminal record check is done by RCMP, the result will be sent to CSP directly.

The third-party service provider submits the fingerprints electronically to the RCMP for a criminal record check. Once the results are shared with CSP, the fingerprints will be deleted from the RCMP's system, no copies of fingerprints are kept nor received by CSP. Criminal record check results can be accessed only by PSPC analysts. Analysts are responsible for processing an applicant's personnel security screening request and the results are never released.


Update on mandatory electronic fingerprints and reminders, Government of Canada

Validity period of the criminal record check results

Both the criminal record check results and the DCN will be transmitted to CSP, and will remain valid for a period of 1 year from the date the fingerprints were initially collected.

During the 1-year validity period, as long as the DCN was generated for a personnel security screening that was processed through CSP, the same DCN can be reused for another personnel security screening request, including new requests, updates (renewals), and upgrades.

Cost of fingerprinting

If fingerprints are taken for federal employment or contracts, the RCMP does not impose a processing fee for the criminal record check. However, applicants who necessitate a personnel security clearance are accountable for the fees charged by third-party fingerprint service providers.


Mandatory electronic fingerprints, Government of Canada

How can I obtain a Certified Criminal Record Check?

  1. Fingerprinting Security Canada is a RCMP accredited third-party fingerprint service provider. You can make appointments through our website: or call us at 905-479-7788.

  2. Remember to bring two authorized and valid pieces of identification, such as a passport and driver’s license.

  3. Present the “Fingerprints applicant request form – Contract Security Program” which is provided by your employer.

  4. Your fingerprints will be collected and submitted to the RCMP.

  5. We will fill out the fingerprints applicant request form and give you a Document Control Number (DCN).

  6. The DCN allows the CSP to continue processing your personnel security screening request.

  7. Once the criminal record check is done by RCMP, the result will be sent to CSP directly.

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