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Criminal Record Check Regarding travelling to the U.S. from Canada

Immigration/Work Visa to the U.S. from Canada

The applicant who resides in Canada and intends to immigrate/work in the U.S. may need to submit a police certificate from Canada. A "police certificate" is a declaration from the law enforcement authorities of a country attesting to the absence of any criminal convictions associated with your name there. The requirements of the certificate are as follows:

Document Name: Certified Criminal Record Check – Type of Criminal Record Check for Personal Use: Other / RCMP National Repository Entire Holdings

Issuing Authority: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Special Seal(s) / Color / Format: The requested document is fingerprint-based, but the report does not include an image of the applicant or the applicant’s fingerprints.

Issuing Authority Personnel Title: There is no issuing authority personnel title

Registration Criteria: There is no registration criteria

Procedure for Obtaining: To obtain this document, you must submit your fingerprints to a local police service or RCMP-approved partner agency. You must request a Certified Criminal Record Check – For Personal Use – subtype Other and ask for a search of the RCMP National Repository Entire Holdings.

Certified Copies Available: Certified copies are not available

Exceptions: None

Comments: None


US Visa, Police Certificate

US Entry Waiver

Anyone with a criminal conviction can be denied entry into the United States. If you have a criminal record, you should apply for a US Entry Waiver to prevent being turned away at the border and to ensure that you can lawfully enter or pass through the United States. Depending on the complexity of the application, the application process for a US entry waiver is about 6 to 18 months.

Your request for a waiver to enter the US may be denied if you are thought to be at high-risk to re-offend. Applicants with a history of sex- or drug-related offences are typically viewed as high-risk re-offenders. Your US waiver application may also be rejected for the following reasons: 1) the potential for harm to society if you are admitted; 2) the gravity of any prior infractions of immigration or criminal law you may have committed, and 3) the nature of your entry-related justifications.

To apply for a US entry waiver, you must obtain a copy of your certified criminal record or confirmation that such a record does not exist from RCMP. Our office can provide this service by submitting your biometrics to RCMP to apply for a certified criminal record. If you have a criminal record associated with your fingerprints the results will take 2-4 months to obtain.


Commissionaires, USA entry waivers

FBI Identity History Summary Checks

In addition, if you apply to become a permanent resident of Canada(sometimes a police certificate may be required for tourists/students/temporary workers/caregivers applications), you may be required to submit a police certificate or an Identity History Summary issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

*Sometimes a police certificate may be required for tourists/students/temporary workers/caregivers' applications

You may refer to the FBI Identity History Summary Checks website for detailed procedures. Our office will assist you to capture your fingerprints and print them on an FD1164 form.


FBI Identity History Summary Checks

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