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Canada's new IRCC minister, what is the future of Canada?

In late July 2023, Marc Miller officially became the country's fifth minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). With the new immigration minister coming to power, many people are concerned about the future immigration trend? Recently, Minister Miller made his first public speech. Today, we’re looking at the main content of the new minister's speech and the future trend of Canadian immigration~

Current immigration levels are only increasing

  • The new minister spoke of the importance of immigration to the country, helping to address Canada's natural ageing population and key to addressing labour shortages across Canada, including in industries such as the agricultural trade and health care. At the same time, it is crucial to help build and ensure Canada's economic development. In the future, the level of immigration will either be maintained or the target of 500,000 new immigrants will be increased each year, but it will not decrease but only increase.

Economic Immigration and Express Entry

  • The new minister pointed out that economic immigration will continue to be Canada's top priority. About 60% of Canada's immigrants are "economic-oriented" immigrants, and the Express Entry will invite skilled immigrants who can ensure jobs in key industries that Canada needs, such as those with candidates with industry expertise in carpentry, plumbing and welding. This will help address the shortage of skilled workers in Canada.

Emphasize that immigration and housing challenges are unrelated

  • The new minister refuted the view that many Canadians believe that immigration is the main cause of housing stress and rising housing prices in Canada, saying that immigration is not the cause of Canada's housing supply challenges, but rather some important issues. The best way for residents in Canada to get the dental care, health care, and affordable housing they want, is to increase the workforce and the solution for this is to increase immigration.

At present, Canada originally planned to have a target of 1.45 million new immigrants in 2023, 2024 and 2025. Now the new immigration minister has come to power and said that the level of immigration will continue to be maintained, and it is even expected to increase by 500,000. “I don’t see a world in which we lower immigration targets, the need is too great … whether we revise them upwards or not is something that I have to look at but certainly, I don’t think we will lower them,” said Miller. So we can foresee more and more immigrants and newcomers are on their way.

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