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2023 Sponsorship Program - Super Visa

Want to reunite with your parents after the pandemic? Planning to bring your parents over to live together? Wishing parents could have stayed longer each time they visit? Family Sponsorship application wait time is too long?

Today we will introduce to you this Super Visa for parents who can come to visit relatives for a long time

In 2011, the Canadian federal government announced that CIC would no longer accept new Family Sponsorship applications within two years, and launched a new visa for them called - "Super Visa”.

What is a “Super Visa”?

  • A Super Visa is a temporary visa that allows parents and/or grandparents to live in Canada with their family with multiple entries for a limited period of 10 years.

  • The advantage of this Super Visa is that it allows the holder to stay in Canada for a maximum of 5 years per entry, compared to a 10-year multiple-entry tourist visa that only allows a maximum stay of 6 months at a time. (As of July 2022, you can apply for an extension of 2 years within borders, and you can stay for a maximum of 7 years at a time)

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has just announced the new updated financial requirements (Proof of funds) for people (the child or grandchild) applying for a Super Visa in 2023, which is higher than the previous year as it increased by 3.3%.

Eligibility for a Super Visa

  • Proof of relation to the applicant i.e. your child or grandchild

  • The applicant (child or grandchild) must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

  • Provide qualified medical insurance that meets the requirements of the IRCC

  • Provide proof of funds to prove that you have sufficient financial supports to cover expenses such as health care, hospitalization and repatriation

  • Get your criminal record check done

For detailed information, please visit:

Fingerprinting Security Canada Inc. is here to provide digital fingerprinting services that can help you with applying for criminal record check (CRC) for sponsorship permits purposes.

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