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IRCC new program - H-1B visa holder work permit

On July 18, 2023 Canada immigration department, IRCC has launched a special pathway for people and resistances from the United States (US) who are holding H-1B visa to apply for an open work permit to work in Canada. Which means that the Canadian government is recruiting high-skilled foreigners from the US to now seek occupations in Canada.

This is a temporary policy which was supposedly going to last for 1 year or until the Canada government gets the target of 10,000 applications in a first come first serve manner.

H-1B visa is a visa work permit that allows foreigners to enter the US as workers in specialized occupations in sectors like technology, engineering and medicine. As usual, this visa is a 3 year time period of permit allowing applicants to work within the US and renewable. However, if they get fired or dismissed from the company that sponsored them they will then have to find another job and be sponsored again within 60 days. The difficulty to maintain the validity of this visa and a wave of layoffs which hit the tech sector such as Meta, Amazon and Google has made it more difficult for people holding H-1B to keep staying in the US and might as well be forced to go back to their home country.

On the other hand, Canada has been working very hard on promoting pathways and work permits that aim to attract technology workers from around the world which makes more sense for the government of Canada to start this new specific program targeting foreign workers from the state.

The new program of H-1B visa holder work permit does not just invite the worker only but also welcomes their family members and spouses coming along to get a study or work permit as well. This would be a huge opportunity for Canada to gain more talented individuals into both the labour force and the community of Canada. And the program has been so successful that it had already met its target of 10,000 applicants in just two days.

We can now foresee more newcomers coming from the US in the next couple of years, that means, we are now expecting more foreign workers to be waiting on the line in job interviews and immigration applications. In order to secure both parties of the employers and employees, lots of employers and business owners value criminal record checks. This is a certificate not only a check to determine whether you have ever been charged or convicted of a crime, it also further reassures both parties' safeness and secureness.

Fingerprinting Security Canada Inc. is here to provide both FBI and digital fingerprinting services that can help you with applying for criminal record check (CRC). Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information!

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