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FD 1164 vs FD 258 Fingerprint Cards

When it comes to fingerprinting, FD 1164 and FD 258 fingerprint cards are two of the most commonly used options. While both cards serve the same purpose of capturing fingerprints, they differ in their design and usage.

FD 1164 fingerprint cards are typically used by federal agencies, such as the FBI, for criminal history background checks and other federal investigations. These cards have a standard format and are used for capturing all ten fingerprints. They feature a large, blank box for recording the subject's personal information, such as their name and date of birth.

FD 258 fingerprint cards, on the other hand, are commonly used for non-criminal purposes, such as employment background checks and immigration applications. These cards are smaller in size and can capture fewer fingerprints - typically only four. They also feature pre-printed fields for recording the subject's personal information, making them more convenient for general use.

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