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March Break Jobs that Require a Criminal Background Check

The March break holds significance for both students and families. While some use this period for leisure, many students opt to engage in part-time roles to earn extra income and gain work experience simultaneously. However, numerous positions, particularly those involving the safety of others, often mandate criminal background screenings. Several such roles include:

  1. Camp Counselors and Supervisors

The March break sees a surge in demand for camp counselors and supervisors. These positions primarily require individuals capable of ensuring the responsibility and safety of all participants, irrespective of age. CCUSA, the leading organization for summer camps and international work adventures in Canada, stipulates a criminal background check as a prerequisite for participation in their programs.

  1. Lifeguards/Swim Instructors

Throughout the year, there is a constant need for lifeguards and swim instructors. These roles necessitate individuals who can guarantee the safety of swimmers and enforce pool regulations. Proficiency in first aid is often preferred. Employers at aquatic facilities typically conduct criminal background checks during the hiring process. Various towns such as Stouffville, Waterloo, and Whitby emphasize the importance of vulnerable sector checks in their hiring protocols.

  1. NGO Workers

The March break presents an opportunity to contribute to the community, with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) organizing various social welfare programs. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, employers in this sector often conduct background checks on employees. Pardon Applications of Canada highlights the necessity of background checks for NGOs to assess an individual's suitability for assigned tasks.

  1. Volunteer Positions in Community Organizations

Many students opt to volunteer during the March break, assisting with community-based projects and initiatives. To ensure the safety of such endeavors, Public Safety Canada has established guidelines for both volunteer organizations and individuals. Consequently, not all volunteer roles require background screening, which may vary based on factors such as community practices and demographics. It is advisable to undergo background checks before undertaking volunteer positions involving diverse age groups and demographics.

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